Abi Cernik
Team MOM

There is something exquisite about belonging to the “I don’t have it altogether” club. And by club, I mean a group full of your closest friends – you know, like a sisterhood.

It’s the sisterhood that get you, that can decipher a look or word or feeling. They’re there when you feel all vibe-y and sparkly and in control. And when you feel like a bloated, Made in Chelsea watching, do-not-want-to-save-the-world loser.

They’re the ones that show up at your door with flowers and cards and strawberry milkshakes, just because. The girls who throw impromptu dance parties, and know you –truly- yet still love you. The girls who remember special occasions and important meetings, who know your favourite things and biggest fears.

True friends are like breakfast. You need breakfast.

For me, my sisterhood has blossomed over time, weathering and maturing through school, university, gap years, marriage and babies. Along with some special new additions that have already proved to be lifelong in more ways than one.

Old or new, these friendships continue to remind me, again and again, through the happy and the ugly tears, that the closer you get…the closer you get.

For some reason we’re taught, sub-consciously or directly, to keep as much to ourselves as possible. That if you’re completely honest, completely you, people won’t warm to you, they’ll run from you. And so begins luke-warm-y, surface-y relationships in the name of self-preservation.

Enough already. Enough of the hidden things, the masks, the fears, the cowering behind a false reality. I’m calling it out. I’m calling me out.

We need more real, raw and open. More courage to reveal what we’ve grown up guarding and hiding. We need liberating from the limits that stop us being gloriously, breathtakingly, refreshingly us.

People don’t run from you when you’re open. They run to you. They run wild with wide open arms as if to shout “Finally! It’s not just me!”

It’s time to be brave, to have guts, to get all courageous in the face of friendships. Time to open our hearts and offer the best gift we can offer – an invitation to open theirs too.

People don’t want another surface relationship – they have Instagram for that. They want connection; deep, meaningful, wonderful connection. To feel light and giddy and relieved that someone else gets it.

I love my sisterhood. The friends that show up with no makeup, who do a U-turn to say hi, who check whether you need stitches after “that” fence accident. They are my daily reminder that life is sweet and holy.

Let’s share life – properly and wholesomely – with the people we love. There are enough long lonely days of the same old thing to not fight for something so beautiful.

Walk across the street, pick up the phone, pluck up the courage, take a deep breath and create a sisterhood who laugh and cry and celebrate and remind you, moment after moment, never to lose that fire in your belly.

Are you in? 🙂

-Abi xo