Abi Cernik
MOM Collective

Ladies, can you believe it?

We’re weeks away from the end of the year. Oh my. Time goes fast, hey?

I don’t know about you but I am so ready to jump right on that mulled wine, mince-pie train. I can’t wait for long lazy days of chaos and quiet, empty stockings and full tummies. I’m ready for my pyjamas and socks, crackling fires and old-school movies. Inhale puddings. Exhale exercise. Ha.

There’s something about Christmas that feels so deeply mysterious and beautiful. This season is sacred and holy. It’s poignant and delicate, powerful and redemptive.

Truth be told I was deliberating about what to write. How do you round off the year? How do you respect what’s gone – the good, the bad, the unexpected; and welcome what’s to come – the new, the fresh, the secret?

Pause and wait.

They’re the three words I heard as I prayed for you all. Pause and wait.

If you’re anything like me, the Christmas season is full. Full of family, friends, travel, parties, eating, presents and children who have eaten their body weight in sugar and zeal.

It’s what makes Christmas crazy. Crazy fun, crazy good, crazy messy, crazy refreshing.

Bring it on right? Bring it all on.

Whilst I’m the first to put up my tree and immerse myself in all that is red and sparkly and cinnamon-scented, I want to finish the year well and start it even better.

I want to do exactly what He whispered: pause and wait. Pause long enough to hear Him, wait long enough to feel Him. I want the fullness of every bit of this season, and to be so conscious of Him in the commitments and celebration.

I want to give the presence present. Sure, to families and friends and everyone else who comes our (hopefully) snow-laden way. But first and foremost to my God.

Shall we make a pact? A not-so-secret sisterhood commitment to pause and wait. Pause and wait.

To find Him this Christmas. Wait on Him. In front of the fire, in our pyjamas, over dinner and champagne and mulled wine and Christmas pudding. Early in the morning, last thing at night. Stolen moments through the busyness and magic.

Moments where we pause and wait. Where we still our minds and hearts and bodies long enough to smile heavenwards. Where we take secret moments to whisper our thank yous and devotion. Moments where we let Him know we want Him – all of Him. All His heart, His thoughts, His peace and presence. Moments where we wordlessly welcome Him to come, to unravel His mysteries and remind us that our names are carved onto His heart.

Pause and wait.

Often, intentionally, peacefully, purposefully. Pause and take moments to talk about Him. To say how proud you are to be His. To say how much you appreciate Him. Wait for Him to strengthen you. To satisfy and restore and breathe on you.

Pause and wait for a faithful Father who longs to draw close to us the instant He is invited. A good, good God who deserves every moment, every word, every action of honour and surrender and thanksgiving. Especially this Christmas season.

Girls, have the most wonderful Christmas. I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you and I hope you’ll join me in creating moments to pause and wait.

All my love xo