Bethanna Hobbs
MOM Collective

What do you fear? Failure? Disappointment? The unknown? All of the above?!

Sometimes, fear is healthy. It tells us to look both ways before we cross the road, it tells us to be wary in certain situations which protects us, but it can go the other way too. It can stop us from truly stepping into the potential that we have within us, it prevents us from having freedom to enjoy new experiences, or meeting new people, or starting that new job, or having that difficult conversation that may actually bring breakthrough.

I fear a lot. I fear that I am not doing the right things for me and my family, or that I might fail on a task that I really want to excel at. If I’m unsure of an outcome, I am fearful because I don’t know what it will look like and my mind automatically tracks down the negative path rather than the positive one.

But living in fear, that’s not living! Allowing fear to have control over our thoughts and decisions is destructive, and although I know it isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers and stopping yourself from going there, I do know that we can speak truth over ourselves, we can be still and know that God is God and has us in the palm of His hands. Always.

It’s ok to have fear, we don’t need to remove fear totally from our lives, but we do need to stop it taking control.

As you may or may not know, my husband and I are the worship pastors at our church in Hastings. We run an event a couple of times a year called ‘Kingdom Come’ which is a night with no agenda other than to worship God and allow space to see what the Holy Spirit might do or say. One night a few years ago we were singing the song ‘You Make Me Brave’ by Amanda Cook and Bethel, and it moved into a time of spontaneous singing and of people singing their own songs.

I felt the Lord lay a phrase on my heart, and I began to sing it out ‘No, I will not allow my fear to take control.’ It was so, so significant to where I was in my life at the time and also for so many others. Over the following weeks, we decided to expand it into a song.

I really believe in the power of words spoken or sung over us, they have the power to change our thinking and so it felt so important to me that this song, about fear, held truths that had the power to transform our thinking. The following is an extract:

‘So take heart my soul,

look to God and know,

he has overcome the darkness.

In the midst of pain,

Sing and dance again,

Worship him despite the trials.’

If you feel fear. It. is. Ok. You don’t need to beat yourself up, but you need to know that God has OVERCOME the darkness, He is with us in the midst of our fear and our pain. We don’t need to let it take control because God is in control.

When you feel afraid, for whatever reason. Just take a moment. Look to God in prayer and put on that worship song that speaks to you with the truth it sings of. Sing over yourself, pray over yourself. Speak words of gentleness, love, peace, strength.

The more we do this, the more we are transforming the patterns of our minds. It says in 2 Timothy 1: 7 that we we’re not given a spirit of fear and timidity, but of love, power and self-discipline.

My challenge to you is to take five minutes, is there anything you are afraid of? Is fear stopping you from stepping out? Pray about it. Lay it at God’s feet and replace those timid thoughts with the knowledge that He is on our side, with us at every step and He. Has. Overcome.

-Bethanna xo

P.S. Josh and I are just finishing up recording the song I mentioned (with a few others) and will be releasing our EP ‘Take Heart’ in the new year. If you’re interested in following our progress then feel free to follow us on Instagram at @joshandbethanna for updates.