MOVED – she is compelled by conviction and compassion to make her world and the world a better place

UNASHAMED – she’s confident of who she is, what she’s doing and where she’s going

MOMENTUM – she continues to grow, flourish and increase, becoming all she can be


OPEN – she lives with an open heart to receive and open hands to give

NESTLED – she has found her place and is secure in the sisterhood to which she belongs


MAGNETIC – she draws people in with her warmth and sparkle

INTERESTED – she cares about the wellbeing of herself and others

SECURE – she knows her value and worth as a child of God

STRATEGIC – she plans her time and manages her resources wisely and diligently

INVOLVED – she gathers with others regularly, she knows we’re better together

ONWARDS – she has fixed her eyes ahead and continues to press on

NOT AFRAID – she fearlessly smiles at the future, knowing her God is with her