Becoming a mum changed me in many ways. It forced me into a selflessness I hadn’t experienced, filled my heart with a fierce and explosive kind of love, and also left me – on many occasions – asking if this was it. Was this my life now? Were story books and crust-less sandwiches the extent of my next few years?

I love being a mother. I feel proud of my daughter for the simplest of things. Her little face makes my heart burst into a thousand pieces and my hands want to smush her with love and strokes and gentleness. I stare at her when she’s sleeping, breathing in her cookie-dough smell. I look at pictures of her when she’s not around. I gave up my career for her. I cook and clean and pray and build a life for her.

Yet still.

Still, I feel there’s more.

More to my life. More for my brain and soul and spirit. More to learn, to feel, to experience and fulfil and accomplish. Motherhood is one of the best bits of my life, but it’s not the entirety. I’m still the same woman – with hopes and desires, abilities and ideas – I was before I birthed a baby. I still have the capacity to dream and plan and change my world, it just looks slightly different now.

There have been many times when I’ve asked myself – is it just me?

Is it just me who feels this way?  Is it just me who struggles with play groups and painting and never ending washing piles? Is it just me who finds myself nappy-deep in motherhood, trying to figure it out and do it well, without losing a sense of purpose and fulfilment, without losing that fire in my soul?

Mums on Mission is for the women – the creative, feisty, funny, gifted, incredible women – behind the ‘Mum’ role.

It’s for girls who realise that the child-raising season is a season that’s essential and valued, but one that doesn’t negate the fact that they’re women with influence, destiny and the ability to help change people’s lives.

Mums on Mission is not a kids group where mums go along. It’s a gathering of women, mothers, sisters and friends, where kids are welcome. It’s all about connecting, building friendships and having fun. About refreshing your soul and edifying your spirit, whilst having a hot frothy coffee and an adult conversation.

It’s a chance for us to grow in faith and equip for the call of God on our lives; learning from and with each other to flourish in every part and every stage of life – the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s a chance to rally together to play our part in something that’s bigger than us, than the four corners of our crayon-covered walls.

It’s about realising that children or no children, stay at home mum, or working mum, we all have potential and destiny, we all have something to contribute. Together we can be a force to be reckoned with. A group of girls who go against the struggle, the loneliness, the labels and misconceptions of motherhood and squeeze every drop of goodness out of our day, our lives, this season: our “for such a time as this”.

You know what? You are not alone. There are a whole bunch of girls having a go at life, friendship, marriage, motherhood…you name it.

So why don’t we get together for some girl talk. For some fun, faith and freedom? Cause, you know, we just have this hunch that what we could accomplish together – you, me, us – might just change the world…

All my love,

Abi xo

(Founder of MOM)